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Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth

Chapter 97: 99 Hell Arena Iv : Freaky Shows And Devil's Deals

Louis was placed in front as Alex and Yun Fao followed closely behind, they had no idea what to expect, but nevertheless they all knew they were in for quite the experience. As soon as they left the cells, the feeling of weakness was eliminated, however they knew that they weren\'t strong enough to fight their way away from this guy, so they had to hold on a bit.

Walking through the tunnels was a little bit unsettling, because there was not a single soul in sight. Come to think of it, during the time Alex was connected to khan, there was also not a single soul in sight, except for the cell where a man was being tortured, but even then Alex did not remember seeing anybody torturing the man, his limbs were just being cut off, it became obvious that this place was just as freaky as the underground prison they had escaped from.

They marched forward silently, until they came to the ma.s.sive doors that led into the arena, the boys got a close look at the metal gate, especially for Alex who now noticed more details on the door than when he was sharing a mind with Khan. On the doors were a depiction of two men, each holding one end of a chain wrapped around a planet. The engravings on the door were incredibly life like, so much that Alex could tell that the two men were none other than the horned necrotic cannibal, and the probable child trafficker behind them. There was more to this place than what has already been exposed, this so called Infernal prison dimension was not as simple as it looked, even more so for the place they\'ve now found themselves stuck in.

The doors swung open to an obviously empty arena, the man escorted them until they were in the middle of the chain platform. It would have been a bit difficult for none cultivators to keep their balance with how unsteady the chain platform was. But the boys had trained their bodies and balance under a waterfall for the better part of two weeks, they could deal with thus much for as long as they needed to. The man who led them here smiled as he took a step back, before jumping up into the air with a spotlight suddenly s.h.i.+ning down on him as he floated 10 feet off the ground.

\"Ladies and gentlemen of all shapes, sizes and ages! Welcome once again to the h.e.l.l Arena!!!!!!!\"


It was weird hearing such loud screams from every corner of the arena, the boys were spooked, which was understandable as there was not a single soul in sight within the arena, the only people there were Alex, Yun Fao, Louis and the floating guy with a spotlight on his head, so it gets the question of where the absolute f.u.c.k all this cheers and roars are coming from. It was profound experience but even with everything they\'ve been through, they couldn\'t help but feel a little bit of terror in their hearts.

\"Welcome to the h.e.l.l Arena young disciples, the place where all your worst nightmares come true. The rules are fairly simple, there are three rounds in this game, who ever is still alive at the end of all three rounds is the winner and get to live to fight another day. You can work together as a team of struggle for your survival on your own, whatever the case may be, old luck young men.\" As soon as he finished speaking, the entire Arena began to rumble, the chain platform began to rattle and shake with a fervor unexpected of it.

(Alex! This is a h.e.l.l Arena rather than a prison Dimension! It\'s a place controlled by dark beings and turned into a battlefield for the propagation of death and suffering, it\'s the best place to cultivate evil yin and death techniques. You have to fight to survive, all three of you or there\'ll be no escaping this place. It gets progressively harder the longer you\'re alive, try your best!)

This was the first time Alex was able to communicate with any of the mantle spirits since before he relinquished control of his body to Ébié. Whatever restrictions the cells have on abilities, it was completely negated in the Arena. But based on what Nezha just told him, there were more places like this out there in the universe, a Dimension specifically catered for the cultivation and propagation of death and evil Yin. It wasn\'t too hard to imagine what had happened to the other cultivators who have been thrown in her as prisoners by the Wudang sect, this place truly is h.e.l.l.

The shaking got progressively worse as vortex of sorts showed up in the air above them, the boys moved away from it as a ma.s.sive Naga dropped down from it, his entire body covered in scales and pitch black armor that made the half snake, half man look even more ferocious than normal. And as if that wasn\'t enough, theirs was a sinister looking Javelin with arcane symbols etched on it. The Has was standing at three meters tall, but his entire body was much more longer as the rest of his trunk was about 5 meters long. His snake eyes and widened jaw split open, holding a furry within them that the boys could not even begin to hope or even dream of handling.

\"Murderers! You killed my children! Now you\'ll pay for your insolencesssssssss!\"

\"Round one everybody! Three very dead kids vs the Naga King! Three open Dantian realm cultivators Vs a magical beast that\'s a 3rd circle mage or in for a more definite understanding…...a monster at the peak of the true essence realm! Who will be the winner, who will survive! Three ignorant boys who stumbled into the breeding nest of the Naga King and slaughtered all of his royal children! Or the Naga King who is determined to agent his fallen seed...…so let\'s get ready to


Safe to say, Alex and the boys had to reconsider killing this guy or his partner, they were both out of their leagues if they can subdue a monster like this and force him to fight. The only thing in their minds now was to survive, survival was all there is to it!

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Normally to get an audience with the emperor of the empire of heaven would take quite a while and a whole lot of process, however few people could actually challenge said emperor and stand on equal footing with him when it comes to power, such people were not to be kept waiting. One very important rule of politics was that you respected your enemies, that way you don\'t underestimate them. And the Emperor knew he couldn\'t give anything but the fullest of all respect to Zhang Sanfeng of the Wudang sect.

The emperor still looked very much like a man in his prime, just his black hair was nearly combed and held up by an ornate head piece. He was wearing a golden suit, the ceremonial and traditional golden robes of emperors was just too much of a ha.s.sle to wear, it was the freaking 21st century, some of the best changed had to be the wardrobe. He would be a cool is he doesn\'t get with the times.

\"We know why you\'re here Zhang Sanfeng, your grandson and our imperial grand Nephew are in dire perilous states, even though we know they\'re still alive, it\'s only a matter of time before they fall within the Infernal Prison Dimension your Wudang sect has cultivated. Not unless our Imperial self deliver into you the only other functional Planetarium with coordinates to that particular Dimension.

That is a hard thing for us to do, the cost of using a Planetarium is very large, and after it\'s been used and it will take another six months to a year for it to be recharged and used again, Which means our Imperial self will be unable to converse with the G.o.d emperor and send tributes are required. It is a very had decision for us to make, unless...\"

Both Zhang Sanfeng and Suiyan knew this Emperor will be incredibly hard to deal with, he was shrew and would never make a deal without any benefit in it for him. Zhang Suiyan\'s marriage to Red dragon was as a result of his schemes and his attempt to keep her father under control, she would rather die than ask him for help, something that her father was prepared to do until she begged him to come here, which means she was prepared to do anything to get her son back, ready to sacrifice anything.\"

\"What does your Imperial Majesty want in return for his help!\" Zhang Sanfeng was also worried, but since he was here, he had no choice but to play this game. Not to mention with how worried and frantic his daughter was, she could say something that would out them in an even tougher position. Zhang Sanfeng was as strong maybe a little but stronger than the Emperor, but he couldn\'t kill him, and he couldn\'t match up to the resources this emperor has.

\"I hear your grandson is just Fourteen, he will be fifteen in four months yes! Good. On my birthday two months hence we shall announce a much more stronger union between you and I Zhang Sanfeng, one that would cement both of our strength and the futures of the next generation. I would like to betrothed my youngest daughter, Princess Lu Victoria to your grandson.

You know my daughter is 7th in line for the throne of the Albion empire as her mother is also the first princess and my able Empress. It would be a union with two empires, it will give you power and prestige and give your grandson a more secure future. I\'m sure you know age doesn\'t matter, she might have seen 6 decades, but in our eyes she\'s still very much young. So what do you say?\" Zhang Sanfeng was about to refuse when Suiyan spoke up.

\"It will be our honor your majesty, Alex....Zhang Xiao Rent would be pleased and just as honored, granted we can save him on time.\"

\"No problem! Hahahaha I have the planetarium with me, come! Let\'s save my future son in-law.\"

The emperor happily walked out as Zhang Sanfeng looked to his daughter and asked.

\"What have you done child?\" and she looked up at him with conviction in her eyes.

\"I just saved my son!\"