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Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 394: 394 Loved The Wrong Person

Hearing that man say that he could send Xie Dong to the security department, the woman looked at him and asked confusedly, \"Eh? Really? But he has nothing to do with Yang Chao, does he?\"

\"What are you worrying about? I know people in that department. So, he\'ll be Yang Chao\'s man as long as I say so. Do you understand?\" said the man.

The woman now understood his meaning, and spoke delightfully, \"Really! Then let\'s send him there now. I\'m really tired of seeing him. I thought he wouldn\'t come back this time. He\'s been out for so a couple of months. I thought he died out there… But, he came back.\"

While speaking, she turned to Xie Dong, her face filled with dislike.

Lin Qiao crossed her arms and watched for a while, figuring out what was going on.

As she was rather close to the man and the woman, she could clearly sense their thoughts. She was now able to sense people\'s thought without touching them. That should be a benefit of her newest upgrade.

That woman had actually been using Xie Dong as a stepping stone. She didn\'t care about him at all, but had been making use of his love for her. While living together with Xie Dong, she tried her best to get the most out of him, and make him earn more for her.

Xie Dong gave her the best he had while they lived together for three years. Whatever that woman wanted, he would try to get it for her.

He didn\'t expect that relations.h.i.+p to end this way. So now, he sat in the corner downheartedly. He didn\'t want to watch the woman whom he loved seducing another man right in front of him. Also, he now learned that she was with more than just one man.

Lin Qiao glanced at Huang Xiaoqing disdainfully, then turned to Xie Dong. As the latter made no response to the conversation between those two, she couldn\'t help but walk to him.

\'They\'re going to put you in jail. How much longer are you going to stay like this?\' She kicked him and said in her head.

Xie Dong immediately raised his head and looked around but saw no one other than the two who made him clench his teeth. At that moment, the man and the woman on the couch were holding each other and kissing.

That scene made Xie Dong close his eyes instantly.

Lin Qiao kicked him again disappointedly.

This time, Xie Dong understood that he didn\'t have an illusion earlier. He opened his eyes and turned to where Lin Qiao was with questions in his eyes. Lin Qiao reached out a hand and dragged him into her s.p.a.ce.

The two people in the apartment who had already started taking off their clothes didn\'t notice that Xie Dong was suddenly gone.

\"You just sat there quietly?\" Lin Qiao glared at him and yelled once they were in her s.p.a.ce.

Seeing her, Xie Dong felt as if he had seen a savior. He looked at her with confusion, not knowing what he should do.

Lin Qiao left him in the base to secretly protect Lin Wenwen, and he did what she asked. However, Lin Wenwen had stayed in her building without coming out even once.

Later on, she finally came out, but she left the building to leave the base with Yuan Tianxing and the others.

Xie Dong didn\'t leave the base because he was brought into the base by Lin Qiao in her s.p.a.ce earlier on. Last time, he had signed before leaving the base. So, if he left with Lin Wenwen and the others, he would have to explain to the people who worked at the entrance about why he was already back in the base with no record of entering.

The second reason why he didn\'t leave was that he saw a woman.

He was going to take a glance at her from far away to know if she was living a good life or not. However, he found out that after he was gone, the woman was openly with other men. He was quite sad upon finding that.

What made him even sadder was that the woman didn\'t love him at all. She only used his love to get the things that she wanted. In fact, she had been with other men behind his back since long ago.

When he muddleheadedly followed her and that man back to this building, the woman wouldn\'t let him come back to his own home.

He built this home bit by bit with zombie nuclei, by risking his life to kill zombies out there. When he was having a mental collapse, the man beside the woman suddenly made a move and brought him under control.

He had weakened largely after turning into a zombie and was distracted. So, that man easily gained the upper hand over him.

Lin Qiao rolled her eyes toward him and said, \"Haven\'t you thought about kicking them out? That is your home, and everything in that apartment belongs to you. Even if you have given all those things to that woman, she can\'t have them unless she loves you.\"

Xie Dong gazed at her with a very heavy heart.

\"If you don\'t want to stay in this place anymore, you should at least go out and end it with that woman. Don\'t continue wasting your love on that kind of a woman,\" said Lin Qiao.

Xie Dong dropped his eyelids and nodded in response.

\"I\'ll get that man in here. You go out to deal with that woman yourself,\" Lin Qiao continued. After saying that, she flashed out and came back in with a panicking man within two seconds.

Lin Qiao gave that man a slap to knock him out, then threw him into the gra.s.s nearby. After that, she went out of her s.p.a.ce with Xie Dong.

Once out, they saw Huang Xiaoqing looking around the room for that man in alarm while shouting, \"Tianfei? Huang Tianfei?\"

At that moment, she saw Xie Dong suddenly show up before her, untied.

She paused in shock. After spending a few seconds staring at Xie Dong and processing what she had seen, she suddenly burst in yells, \"Xie Dong, did you take him away? Where is Huang Tianfei?\"

Xie Dong only looked at him quietly; he wasn\'t able to talk after all.

Seeing him stay silent, Huang Xiaoqing cursed angrily, \"Look at you! You\'re such a coward. What can you do? If you couldn\'t get me a place to leave and get me food to eat, I\'d never spend my life with a man like you!\"

\'That\'s the excuse you used when you cheated on me, right?\'

Looking at her, Xie Dong suddenly understood that he had wasted the past few years on this woman. Why on earth did he risk his life to get such a good life for this woman?

Huang Xiaoqing said to him coldly, \"You better not do anything to Huang Tianfei. He has people in the security department. If anything happens to him, you\'ll be in troubles. Don\'t drag me into troubles too. Bring him back now!\"

Xie Dong silently stared at her for a few seconds, then suddenly raised a hand.


A loud slap landed on Huang Xiaoqing\'s face and turned her face to the other side.

\"You… How dare you hit me!\" Huang Xiaoqing popped her large eyes in disbelief and murmured while turning back to glare at Xie Dong. \"You a*shole! You actually hit me!\" she screamed.

Xie Dong understood why she reacted so strongly. Before, she never talked gently to him, while he carefully fawned on her the whole time. She always yelled at him and sometimes even cursed him.

Based on Xie Dong\'s old att.i.tude, Huang Xiaoqing never thought that he would hit her.